Lerryn History Society Archive

A collection of documents, photographs and other items relating to the history of Lerryn and its people has been in existence for some years, the work of various people. The intention of the History Society is to organise and catalogue this collection and add to it through active research. Access to the catalogue will be freely available, through these pages, and in many cases transcriptions of documents and scans of photographs will also be available online for everyone to view.

Information from the archive will also be presented as a series of topics under the main navigation headings: People, Places, Events.

The collection is to be organised and stored in a central location and access to the actual documents will be available by arrangement.

How the catalogue is organised

The catalogue has been set up following the recommendations of the Community Archives and Heritage Group, a national organisation which supports community archives. This should ensure that our data is compatible with other archives and is as useful as possible to researchers.

The data which makes up our calogue is organised at three different levels:

1. Information about our overall collection

2. Information about groups of documents, photographs, etc.

3. Information about individual items.

As such it can be accessed via the top three links to the right. However, in many cases a search through everything in the catalogue may yield results more quickly, using the search field at the top of the page.

This project is in it's early stages - more details will be available here once further progress has been made. Meanwhile please keep coming back as work proceeds on a weekly basis.


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