Group Data Record

Reference LER-1
Title Lerryn History Society Oral History Project
Dates of coverage
Storage location
Contributor Lerryn History Society
Description A collection of interviews with individual Lerryn residents who reminisce about their childhood and working life.
Size/type 14 interviews in digital audio format and some explanatory text documents
Recorder Larbey, David
Language English
Date of Recording 07 April 2014
Individual records in this group:
LER-1-1 Brian Watson
LER-1-2 John Philp
LER-1-3 Thora Mansell 1
LER-1-4 Thora Mansell 2
LER-1-5 Thora Mansell 3
LER-1-6 Topics discussed with Thora Mansell
LER-1-7 Ken Hoskin 1
LER-1-8 Ken Hoskin 2
LER-1-9 Ken Hoskin 3
LER-1-10 Topics discussed with Ken Hoskin
LER-1-11 Ken Hoskin 4
LER-1-12 Mike Boraston
LER-1-13 A Kinver 1
LER-1-14 A Kinver 2
LER-1-15 Eric Baker
LER-1-16 Notes on interview with Eric Baker
LER-1-17 Esthermary Todd
LER-1-18 Background and notes on interview with Esthermary Todd
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