Group Data Record

Reference LER-23
Title Margaret Hoskin Collection
Dates of coverage 1770-1974
Storage location Memorial Hall
Contributor Hoskin, Margaret
Description A miscellaneous group of items comprising: 1.A school project report on Lerryn Village and Collon Farm by Fenella Hoskin,1974. 2.Lerryn Regatta Committee records. 3.Three items about the history of St Veep Parish church bells. 4.Lerryn and St Veep Silver Jubilee Celebrations.
Access Open
Recorder Larbey, David
Language English
Date of Recording 10 November 2015
Individual records in this group:
LER-23-1 History of Lerryn Village and Collon Farm, School Project, 1974
LER-23-2 Lerryn Regatta Committee Records
LER-23-3 Items about the history of the bells of St Veep Church.
LER-23-4 Lerryn and St Veep Silver Jubilee Celebrations
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