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Reference LER-32
Title Boconnoc - A Brief History
Dates of coverage 1086-1993
Storage location Memorial Hall
Contributor Weatherhogg, Paul
Description A short history of Boconnoc presented as a timeline with further descriptions of the Church, the Civil War, and the Park.

People named: Offers or Osferd; Count of Mortain; De Cancia family; Sir Oliver Carminow; Joan Holland the 'Fair Maid of Kent'; Edward I; the Black Prince; Margaret Carminow; Thomas Carminow; Sir Hugh Courtenay; William Courtenay, Earl of Devon; Katherine Courtenay; Henry Courtenhay, Marquis of Exeter; Reginald Pole; John Russell, First Earl of Bedford; Francis Russell, 2nd Earl of Bedford; Sir William Mohun; Edward Courtenay; Sir Reginald Mohun; John Mohun, Ist Baron Mohun; Charles Mohun, 4th Baron Mohun; Thomas Pitt; Robert Pitt; William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham; Captain Best; Ann Pitt; William Wyndham, Lord Grenville; George Matthew Fortescue; Cyril Dudley Fortescue; John Bevill Fortescu; George Grenville Fortescue; John Desmond Grenville Fortescue
Size/type Book, A5, 14 pages, 8 illustrations
Place Boconnoc
Access Open
Recorder Larbey, David
Language English
Date of Recording 21 April 2014
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LER-32-1 Boconnoc - A Brief History
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