Group Data Record

Reference LER-5
Title Realignment of Footpath 12 at Brockles Quay and other public access issues
Dates of coverage 23 June 1966-21 November 1995
Storage location Memorial Hall
Contributor Collett, F
Description A collection of papers concerning a dispute over the realignment of Footpath No 12 at Brockles Quay. Also correspondence concerning participation of St Veep Parish in the "Parish Paths Partnership". Also papers on public access to land adjoining Little Quay.
Size/type Typescript (mostly), A4, 30 pages (approximately)
Place Brockles Quay
Access Open
Recorder Larbey, David
Language English
Date of Recording 15 November 2014
Individual records in this group:
LER-5-1 Minutes, St Veep Parish Council, concerning Footpath 12, 1969-1984
LER-5-2 Sequence of events leading to paring of Footpath No 12, 1984
LER-5-3 Correspondence, Environmental Services Officer, Mr I Stevens, Footpath No 12, 3 May 1984
LER-5-4 Correspondence, David Blunt, Mrs M Martin, 8 May 1984
LER-5-5 Correspondence, Tom Meyer, L R Motton, Public Footpath No 12, 23 May 1984
LER-5-6 Correspondence, Alan Mattingly, Mr J G Sharp, 20 June 1984
LER-5-7 Map, St Veep, public footpaths, annotated copy
LER-5-8 Correspondence, Fi Collett, Paul Weatherhogg, 21 March 2013
LER-5-9 Statements, Fi Collett and Eric Baker concerning land rights at Little Quay
LER-5-10 Correspondence, Fi Collett, Project Explore, Cornwall County Council on parish paths
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