Group Data Record

Reference LER-56
Title Tenancies and land agreements in St Veep
Dates of coverage 1617-1843
Storage location Memorial Hall; Online Catalogue
Contributor Todd, Esthermary
Description The Rashleigh family of Menabilly were major landowners in St Veep. Their archive is in the the Cornwall Records Office (CRO). Here we have a collection of CRO References with annotations made by Esthermary Todd in the 1960s in connection with her own studies. They have been transcribed to digital files by the Lerryn History Society and made directly accessible from the online catalogue. [NB The collection does not necessarily contain all relevant records available in the CRO.]
Size/type Printed Copy; Digital files
Place St Veep parish
Access Open
Rights Reproduced here with permission from the Cornwall Records Office
Recorder Larbey, David
Language English
Date of Recording 18 March 2015
Individual records in this group:
LER-56-1 Lease, Lerryn, St Veep to Charles Davey, bargeman, 1699
LER-56-2 Lease, Lerryn, St Veep to Richard Oliver, plasterer, 1706
LER-56-3 Lease, Newport, St Veep to Charles Davy, bargeman, 1728
LER-56-4 Lease, Lerryn, St Veep, to Mary Oliver, widow, 1729
LER-56-5 Lease, Lerryn, St Veep, to Abraham Willcock, carpenter, 1755
LER-56-6 Lease, Manely Mills, St Veep to John Harris, miller 1765
LER-56-7 Lease and counterpart, Newport, St Veep to Richard Philp, husbandman, 1782
LER-56-8 Lease, Lerryn, St Veep, to Stephen Bassett, yeoman, 1803
LER-56-9 Assignment, Manley woods, Manley Fleming, 1698
LER-56-10 Articles concerning sale of wood, Manley Fleming, 1739
LER-56-11 Bond to perform covenants, sale of Manley woods , Manley Fleming, 1740
LER-56-12 Articles of agreement, sale of Manely woods, 1765
LER-56-13 Valuation of wood, Manley Fleming, 1794
LER-56-14 Account of timber sold, Manley Fleming, 1816 and 1829
LER-56-15 Timber sold, Manley Fleming, 1835
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