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Reference LER-57
Title Lerryn Village Photo Archive
Dates of coverage 1890-2010
Storage location Online Catalogue
Description The origins of this Group was a Millennium Exhibition of memorabilia to celebrate life in the village over the previous 100 years. Custody of the collection was transferred to Lerryn Memorial Hall Committee in 2008 and was digitised for the community website Custody was transferred to the Lerryn History Society in 2010. For more information see LER-55 and LER-59. Photographs have been added for the decade 2000s and 2010s. The Group remains open to receive other suitable photographs.
Size/type Digital files; Approximately 600
Access Open
Language English
Date of Recording 30 January 2015
Individual records in this group:
LER-57-1 1893 Lerryn Bridge from N. bank near the stepping stones
LER-57-2 1890 Lerryn Regatta viewed from north bank across to Lowertown
LER-57-3 1890s Ethy Rock boathouse
LER-57-4 1893 Ethy Rock boathouse, Notts Mill creek
LER-57-5 1893 Boathouse on West side of Nott's Mill creek
LER-57-6 Copy of Lerryn Tithe Map 1839
LER-57-7 1906 Lerryn River viewed down river from the bridge
LER-57-8 1905 Ethy House, Lerryn
LER-57-9 1900s Lerryn Regatta view of the south Bank before the Drill Hall was erected
LER-57-10 1900s. Lerryn Bridge pony, rider and dog
LER-57-11 1902 Lerryn workers
LER-57-12 1900 Lowertown Bridge
LER-57-13 1900s Lowertown bridge (painting, copy)
LER-57-14 1900 Lowertown cottages
LER-57-15 1900s Lowertown bridge
LER-57-16 1906 Lowertown Bridge
LER-57-17 1907 Lerryn Bridge
LER-57-18 1900. View up river from near the present Tivoli Quay
LER-57-19 1900 Lerryn Fore Street. Ned Cole at Hawken's butcher's shop
LER-57-20 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1908
LER-57-21 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1908?
LER-57-22 1901/2 Lerryn Workers
LER-57-23 1906 Centre of Lerryn, between Chapel and Coal Store
LER-57-24 1905 View from near Lowertown Green
LER-57-25 G. Mallett, Head Teacher, Lerryn School, early 1900s
LER-57-26 1914? Lerryn, the last plate exposed by J C Burrow
LER-57-27 c1910 Lerryn Ship Inn, Elizabeth Philips and son Alfred?
LER-57-28 1920s Lerryn regatta viewed from Tivoli Park
LER-57-29 1914 Lowertown, on the steps of The Store.
LER-57-30 1912 Tubb family outside their house, St Omer, Lowertown, Lerryn
LER-57-31 c1918 Lerryn Square viewed from the north bank
LER-57-32 1910? Prinzey Cottage, Cliff. Brice Bonney and family
LER-57-33 1914-1918. Lerryn residents in military service photographs
LER-57-34 1914-1918; 1939-1945 World War I one and World War II casualties of St Veep parish
LER-57-35 c1910 Lowertown, cottages and quay
LER-57-36 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1914
LER-57-37 1910s? Lerryn workers
LER-57-38 1914. Herbert Thomas Pearce.
LER-57-39 Pre-1920s. Regatta sports
LER-57-40 1919. Lerryn regatta. Low tide - first up the river? (Postcard)
LER-57-41 Regatta, 1919. Dated postcard.
LER-57-42 Pre-1911 Drawing of the stores at Lowertown Lerryn
LER-57-43 1914? Lerryn. The last plate exposed by J C Burrow
LER-57-44 1920s Lerryn Lowertown viewed from the top of Piggy Lane
LER-57-45 1920s Lerryn regatta at Tivoli Park
LER-57-46 1920s Lerryn Square. Erection of Memorial Seats.
LER-57-47 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1920
LER-57-48 1920 or before Lerryn. blacksmith's Shop at Fore Street arch
LER-57-49 1920s Lerryn, Mill Lane, blacksmith's shop. Mutton family
LER-57-50 1920s? Lerryn School? Group photo.
LER-57-51 1920s Lerryn River, Regatta. Original Boathouse, stores and cottages at Lowertown
LER-57-52 1920s Lerryn Regatta, view to Lowertown from the Granary
LER-57-53 1920s Lerryn River, Regatta
LER-57-54 1920s. A Lerryn house, known at the time of this photo as Mixton Farm House, later Avondale, now Pengillan
LER-57-55 1920s. Ethy House, owned at this time by the Howell family who sold it about1930. If this photo is needed for reproduction contact V Leslie for permission.
LER-57-56 1927. Lerryn Regatta. Four paddle race. From the N. bank.
LER-57-57 1924. Lerryn River Regatta. From Granary Quay.
LER-57-58 1920s. Tivoli Park. The pond with the fountain working, newly built on the left hand side by the Lerryn entrance.
LER-57-59 1920s. Lerryn River Regatta. Lowertown from N. bank.
LER-57-60 1920s. Lerryn River Regatta, from N bank.
LER-57-61 1920. Tivoli Park. Regatta. The ground cleared for the sports but before the buildings were constructed
LER-57-62 1920s. Lerryn Lowertown. Regatta time.
LER-57-63 1925. Lerryn School House. Lerryn String Band. L-R: Evelyn Yeo, Bertram May, Dave Mutton, Mary Collett, Maud Burt, Frank Burt, Percy Bartlett.
LER-57-64 1920s. Lerryn School, Group Photo. [no text]
LER-57-65 1920s? Looking down river, observing the line of the woods in the background, which shows the section which was coppiced. Geese.
LER-57-66 1920s. Lerryn River. Up-river from near the stepping stones.The Mill, Mill cottage, large barge perhaps used for commercial transport.
LER-57-67 1920s. Lerryn river. View from N bank. Mill, lime kiln, coal store, drill hall on the S bank. Woodview landing stage in foreground. Cottage later enlarged (see Nos.138, 384, 1950s) and replaced by Little Quay, late 50s.
LER-57-68 1920s. Lowertown Lerryn. Look at the little porches. They were traditional to village cottages.
LER-57-69 1920s. Mill Lane. Showing the original Memorial Hall, probably newly opened.
LER-57-70 1920s. Lerryn River, half tide. View upstream showing new Tivoli Quay in foreground. Tanglewood, Woodview cottage (preceding Little Quay), cultivated areas.
LER-57-71 1920s. Leryn River, view downstream from the stepping stones (no houseboat).
LER-57-72 c.1922. No.2 Fore Street. Thora Mansell (b.1916) and her father, Percy Barrett. Drs. Thomas and Chamberlain held weekly surgeries there.
LER-57-73 1920s? Threshing.
LER-57-74 Lerryn School Play, 1923
LER-57-75 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1920s
LER-57-76 Lerryn School Play, c1923.
LER-57-77 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1920
LER-57-78 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1924
LER-57-79 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1929
LER-57-80 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1920s.
LER-57-81 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1920s.
LER-57-82 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1920s.
LER-57-83 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1927.
LER-57-84 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1926
LER-57-85 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1920s?
LER-57-86 1923. Mixton Farmhouse, thatched roof. Logs floating in the river ready to be lifted out on the hoist to take to the Mill for sawing, 1923.
LER-57-87 pre 1923. Lerryn Bridge. View from the School, Mill building on bottom right.
LER-57-88 Pre1923. Lerryn River. View of the bridge, mill and cottages, stepping stones.
LER-57-89 1920s? Small Barn belonging to Richard Philp and, across the river, a cargo boat, probably carrying coal for Boconnoc Estate, to be unloaded on the quay alongside the Granary.
LER-57-90 1920s? Lerryn top road. View under the old Limekiln arch, on the lane from Lowertown.
LER-57-91 1920. Fore Street Lerryn from St Veep Road.
LER-57-92 1920s. Lerryn Wesleyan Anniversary. Band of Hope marching down Fore Street, on their way to a tea party at Ethy House, by courtesy of Mr P. Melville.
LER-57-93 Mixton Farm house with thached roof, 1920
LER-57-94 1920s. Lerryn String Orchestra, School House. Names but not precise location.Evelyn Yeo,Bertram May,Percy Bartlett,Mary Collett,Maud Burt,Frank Burt
LER-57-95 1920s? Rhoda Hoskin, Whitley House, Lerryn?
LER-57-96 1920s. Lerryn, Whitley House. Back Row - Irving Hoskin, Henry Hoskin, Hiram Hoskin. Front Row - Vena Hoskin, Rhoda Hoskin, Agnes Hoskin.
LER-57-97 1920s? Lerryn,Whitley House. Rhoda Hoskin and Hiram Hoskin on "Togo.
LER-57-98 1920s? Lerryn Post Office. L-R 4>Henry Hoskin,10> Hubert Hoskin.
LER-57-99 1920s. Mixton Farm, Lerryn. Agnes Hoskin riding in a cart
LER-57-100 1920s. Tencreek. Susie Pearce (nee Mutton). Family of Kenwyn Pearce
LER-57-101 1929. No.2 Fore Street. Thora Mansell and her father, Percy Barrett.
LER-57-102 1920s. Bottom of Fore Street with onlookers.
LER-57-103 1920s. View from N. bank, above Woodview. Woodside (Tanglewood) L.
LER-57-104 1921. Concert and Dance in support of Miners' Relief Fund. Lerryn String Band.
LER-57-105 George Bonney (born in Lerryn}. Won many prizes for rowing. 1920s?
LER-57-106 William Hoskin, 1928.
LER-57-107 1930s. Lerryn Bridge.
LER-57-108 1930s Lerryn Bridge. Pony and trap heading for Brandy Lane.
LER-57-109 1930s. Lerryn Lowertown. View from the Granary.
LER-57-110 1930s. Lerryn North Bank. From Tivioli Quay.
LER-57-111 1930 Lerryn Ship Inn.
LER-57-112 1930. Lerryn Lowertown. Trading Vessel moored at the Red Store quay, near Couch's Store (now The Boathouse) and Black Store (no longer there).
LER-57-113 Pre-1936. Lerryn Lowertown. View from North Bank.
LER-57-114 1930. Lerryn Bridge at high tide. The Mill, landing and cottages. "Duck Island" on right, since removed to improve access to the quay.
LER-57-115 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1931
LER-57-116 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1939
LER-57-117 1930s. Lowertown Bridge, constructed in early 1900's to bring coal from Lerryn Quay House (Lower Stores) were it was landed from vessels.
LER-57-118 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1936
LER-57-119 1935. St Veep.Church. Bells removed from the tower while a new frame was put in place.
LER-57-120 1930s. St Veep Church. View of the South side.
LER-57-121 1930s. St Veep Church. View from the vicarage garden.
LER-57-122 1930s. St Cadix. Family Group - the Mutton family.
LER-57-123 1930. Lerryn Square. Glanvilles (Draper) shop. Fore St with bicycles.
LER-57-124 1930. Lerryn River Regatta.
LER-57-125 1930s. Lerryn River Regatta. View from the field on the North Bank. The roundabout on the quay flew out over the river when in motion - very frightening to a small child. Note the Sheds alongside 'The Boathouse'
LER-57-126 1930s. Lerryn Fore St and Square. Ship Inn, Free House. A. Phillips, Butcher.
LER-57-127 1932. From the North bank, to the bridge, the stepping stones, and the old Mill building. N.B. The piles of wood waiting to be lifted by the hoist situated beside the Bridge, also the Barge on the river. In the background, Newport Cottage??.
LER-57-128 1930s. Lerryn Village. Sweet Briar cottage on left. Chapel on right.
LER-57-129 1930s. Lerryn, Mill Corner. Approach to the bridge with Mill Cottage and the petrol pump at the mill is just visible.
LER-57-130 1933. Ethy House. Mr. Drabble with his dog. Lived at Ethy 1930 -1938
LER-57-131 1938. Lowertown, Lerryn. Winter Snow. Elin's boat, Llala Rookh, in the dock.
LER-57-132 1937. Up river from Tivoli Quay, notice the black wooden shed, on stilts.
LER-57-133 1930s. Lerryn, Policeman's Corner. View of Mixton Farm House (later Avondale, now known as Pengillan).
LER-57-134 1930s. Fowey, Market day. The market was held under the entrance to The King of Prussia and people with boats took produce from Lerryn and Cliff to sell there. This is Mr Bunney From Cliff at his stall. Mr Sam Fuller from Lerryn was another regular.
LER-57-135 1935. Tivoli Park. Silver Jubilee celebration. Thelma Hoskin, Regatta Queen (which?!)
LER-57-136 1930. Lerryn Regatta. "Chasewater Charlie" event.
LER-57-137 1935. Tivoli Park. Silver Jubilee celebration. Decorated arches and fountain playing.
LER-57-138 1930s St Veep Church
LER-57-139 1930s. Lerryn Fore Street. Chapel.
LER-57-140 1930s. Boconnoc. House and Church.
LER-57-141 1937, 1958. Lerryn Mill. The original Water Wheels, behind the working Mill.
LER-57-142 1930s. Lerryn Bridge. Post card.
LER-57-143 1930s. Postcard showing Honey's Butcher Shop on the right, looking down Fore Street.
LER-57-144 Cliff beach, 1937. L-R: Margaret Philp, Lorna Irwin, Ruth Martin, Doris Irwin, Peter Irwin, Percy Philp. and Lillian Stephens with Ivor Stephens.
LER-57-145 Post 1939. View of the North bank showing cultivated hillside, no woods behind Tanglewood (obscured by 2 evergreen trees, now emoved) and the cottage on the river-side before the development of Little Quay.
LER-57-146 1930s. View of Post Office and Fore Street.
LER-57-147 1930. Lerryn, Quay Cottages. Top left, Nurse Ivey, T.Rt. and B. Lt., Nurse Ivey at the cottage. Bottom Rt: Mrs Lilla Mutton.
LER-57-148 1934 -1943. Quay Cottage, Lowertown. Information linked to 1022, Documents relating to the District Nurse.
LER-57-149 1939 - 45. Thomas Baker, Hillside, Lerryn.
LER-57-150 1930. Lower Town Bridge looking across the river to the gardner's cottage for Ethy House, Woodside Cottage (now Tanglewood).
LER-57-151 1930. Lower Town, Lerryn, viewed from the North bank.
LER-57-152 1935. St Veep churchyard, re-hanging the bells. Medieval bellframe replaced by John Taylor Bell Founders of Loughborough. The people present are; a parishioner, the contractors representative and Rev'd William G.W. Sara
LER-57-153 1930s. Mixton Farm. Hiram Hoskin with dog Tim.
LER-57-154 1930s. Lerryn Resident, Harry Hoskin (uncle to Kenneth Hoskin).
LER-57-155 1930s. Mixton Farm, Lerryn, a working day. Irving and Vena Hoskin
LER-57-156 1930s. Hiram Hoskin in his Buick. One of the early cars in Lerryn which was used as a taxi on occasions to transport Lerryn String Band to play at dances etc.
LER-57-157 1930s? Lowertown. The old Store (since demolished). The Boathouse. The Red Store. Ricardie (now Grebe Cottage).
LER-57-158 Tivoli Park. Rose bed, replacing the bandstand. Post card to Mrs Elin, dated 10 May, 1937.
LER-57-159 Lerryn Regatta Programme, September 9, 1936.
LER-57-160 Lerryn Regatta Programme, Aug.27, 1937.
LER-57-161 William Hoskin, 1930.
LER-57-162 1930s? Evelyn Yeo, Ethy gardener.
LER-57-163 1935. Lerryn Regatta, Tivoli Quay.
LER-57-164 1940s Lerryn Institute from the Bridge, before the 1950s extension.
LER-57-165 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1946
LER-57-166 1940s. Lerryn top road. Coal store, now Tidal waters.
LER-57-167 1940s. Tivoli Quay. Mr John Elin with his boat. Note the walking stick, because of his artificial leg. Granary, before conversion.
LER-57-168 1940s. Lerryn river from the bridge. Note pathway on the St.Winnow side, and the original stepping stones. Lean-tos on the riverside stores.
LER-57-169 1940s. Blackdown road. The old Butcher's shop, the copper beech tree and garden wall of Whitley house.
LER-57-170 1940s. Lowertown green from what is now the Todds' front garden (the Boathouse). The child is Elizabeth Elin, who eventually sold the Red Store to the two Parish Councils in 2004.
LER-57-171 1942. Lowertown, Lerryn. John Elin and his daughter Elizabeth on Blamey and Morcom's Quay, now the Boathouse garden.
LER-57-172 1942. Lower Quay. Elizabeth Elin in her playpen, with Llala Rookh the yacht in the background, in which the family lived during the summer, and sailed to various places in the British Isles.
LER-57-173 1940s. View from Tivoli steps, down river.
LER-57-174 1940s. View up Fore Street. Letter box in the window of the shop.
LER-57-175 1940s. Lowertown. Miss May in the garden of her Cottage (despite an artifical leg). On left, the Boathouse before conversion.
LER-57-176 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1946
LER-57-177 1949-50. Lerryn Institute. Produce Show.
LER-57-178 1940/50's. Lerryn Bridge and River. View from the School.
LER-57-179 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1948?
LER-57-180 1940s? Lerryn W.I. Mrss. Kelly, Wilton, Burt, Wlliams, Northcott, Whiteway, Giles, Beswetherick, Searle, Keast, Chapman, Tuckett (Julie Chapman).
LER-57-181 1940s? Lerryn & District Produce Show. Mrs Irene Keast, Mr Albert Philp, Mrs Mary Brewer, Mr Jones.
LER-57-182 1939-45. Trevogal, moored by the Red Store.
LER-57-183 1940s. Trevogal, temporary war-time home of the Wigfall family.
LER-57-184 Claude Hoskin, Certificate of service in the Home Guard to 31 December 1944.
LER-57-185 Assembled Home Guard (all of Cornwall?) 1940s?
LER-57-186 1950. Lerryn Fore Street, Produce Show Day. What Car ?
LER-57-187 1950. Lerryn Lowertown. View from hill on North Bank, over Claude Hoskin's houseboat.
LER-57-188 pre-1960. Lerryn River. Charles Morgan on a raft, with the Granary and Ethy Lawns behind .
LER-57-189 1950. School Hill. The Lerryn end ofthe Giant's Hedge. "One day the devil, having nothing to do, built a great hedge from Lerryn to Looe" This earth bank is scheduled as an ancient momument - purpose unknown - may date from the same time as Offas' Dyke and S
LER-57-190 1950s. St Cadix. Mr Mutton collecting eggs.
LER-57-191 1950s. Haye Farm, St Veep.. The house and car.
LER-57-192 1950s. Tivoli Park, Regatta Sports. Winning the race. George Channon on the rope.
LER-57-193 1956. View up the river from Tivoli Quay.
LER-57-194 1956. Lerryn River. View up the river from Lowertown.
LER-57-195 1950s. Lerryn Lowertown. The Boathouse. It was converted from a store to a cafe in 1948/49 and to a home in 1956, with extension to left and gardens to left and right.
LER-57-196 1950s? School group. Names?
LER-57-197 1950s. Lowertown Green. The Bennets' geese. Extended cottage (Woodview), before Little Quay was built. Gardens on the North bank - no wood at the top of the hill and no houses.
LER-57-198 1950. Lerryn River. The Granary from Tivoli Quay, prior to conversion.
LER-57-199 1950s. Lerryn Square. Lerryn green before the Car Park and all the buildings conversions.
LER-57-200 1950s. Tivoli Park, south side. Pond and arches with dovecot on the wall.
LER-57-201 1950s. West end of Tivoli Park. Bandstand (front left), octagonal bathing pool, fountain and decorative arches behind.
LER-57-202 1950's. Lerryn Bridge. Flags up for the Regatta.
LER-57-203 1950. Tivoli Park south side. Pond with fountain playing, arches and cascade.
LER-57-204 1950s. Tivoli Park, south side. The pond and cascade.
LER-57-205 1953. Lerryn Regatta. Band playing in the bandstand, Tivoli Park.
LER-57-206 1950's Tivoli Park. The arches and pond on a winter day
LER-57-207 1950s. Tivoli Park. ? sitting by the arches.
LER-57-208 1958. Tivoli Park. View to the N bank
LER-57-209 1950, winter. Boats laid up on Lowertown Green. Lhala Rhouk in the Dock. Riverside stores.
LER-57-210 1950s. Village Square, with the Ship sign.
LER-57-211 1950s. Lerryn, Lowertown. View of The Cottage, with the Drill Hall and the lime kiln.
LER-57-212 1950s. Lowertown. Miss May of Miss May's Cottage.
LER-57-213 1950s? Miss May in the garden of her cottage with two of her Sunday School children
LER-57-214 1950s. Looking down the Dock towards the N bank. Note the extended cottage (Woodview), surrounded by an orchard, on the site where "Little Quay" now stands.
LER-57-215 1950s. Lerryn in snow from n. bank (Woodview landing?)
LER-57-216 1950s. View down Lowertown to the bridge. The Boathouse newly converted to a cafe.
LER-57-217 1950s. Lerryn, Lowertown. The Red Store steps.
LER-57-218 1950s. John Elin in his boat. View to the N bank and (extended) cottage on the site of present Little Quay.
LER-57-219 1950s. Fore St. Note the chapel, still in use, and the old butcher shop, which was probably once the site of a lime kiln belonging to Zephaniah Job and the round house used to crush the stone.
LER-57-220 1950s. Tivoli Park. Regatta. Crowd Scene.
LER-57-221 1950s. Tivoli Park. Regatta. The band playing, probably for the evening dance.
LER-57-222 1950s. Tivoli Park, Regatta. The ornamental bandstand planted with rose bushes (it proved impractical for bands to use).
LER-57-223 1950s. Tivoli Quay, Regatta. Crowds standing at the entrance to the park.
LER-57-224 1950s. Tivoli Park, Regatta. Crowd Scene.
LER-57-225 1950s. Tivoli Park, Regatta. Pillow fight.
LER-57-226 1950s Tivoli Park, Lerryn Regatta. Tug of War.
LER-57-227 1950s. Tivoli Park, Regatta. Crowd around the pond and arches.
LER-57-228 1950s. Regatta, Lowertown. Swing boats on Green Quay partly flooded by the tide.
LER-57-229 1950s. Lerryn Regatta.
LER-57-230 1950s. Lerryn River, Regatta. Rowing races.
LER-57-231 1950s. Regatta. First boat up on the tide.
LER-57-232 1950s. Lerryn River, Regatta. Swimming Race.
LER-57-233 1950s. Regatta. Crowd on Tivoli Steps. Swimming race.
LER-57-234 1950s. Regatta. Finish of the first-boat-up-on-the-tide race.
LER-57-235 1950s Lerryn, River, Regatta. Finish of the first-boat-up-on-the-tide race.
LER-57-236 1950s. Regatta. Start of the mud race.
LER-57-237 1950s. Regatta. Finish of the mud race.
LER-57-238 1950s. Tivoli steps, Regatta. Crowd watching a rowing race.
LER-57-239 1950s. View from the Granary. The large boat near Tivoli Quay was a pleasure boat which regularly came around the coast fram Looe
LER-57-240 1958. Lerryn Regatta. Crowd on Lowertown bridge.
LER-57-241 1958. Lerryn Regatta.
LER-57-242 1958. Lerryn Regatta. Tug-of-War
LER-57-243 1958. Lerryn Regatta. Tug-of-War.
LER-57-244 Poster for the Lerryn Regatta, Tivoli Park. The date (Monday August 26) and the tide (HW 1830, 5.7m) indicate 1957 as the most probable year (MF).
LER-57-245 Sheaf-tossing, Tivoli Park, Lerryn Regatta 1957.
LER-57-246 Sack race, Tivoli Park. Lerryn Regatta, 1957.
LER-57-247 Pillow fight, Tivoli Park. Lerryn Regatta, 1957.
LER-57-248 Lerryn Regatta, 1957. Start of the mud race. Woodview landing stage on N. bank (cottage enlarged, cf.No.189) before the building of the present "Little Quay". Tanglewood above.
LER-57-249 Finish of the mud race. Lerryn Regatta, 1957.
LER-57-250 First-up-the-river race. Lerryn Regatta, 1957.
LER-57-251 Rowing race. Lerryn Regatta, 1957.
LER-57-252 Watching the races from Lower Town Bridge. Lerryn Regatta, 1957.
LER-57-253 Lerryn Regatta. Generator lorry by the Red Store at high tide (5.7m, 1830), Monday August 26, 1957.
LER-57-254 The granary, 1957?
LER-57-255 1953. Coronation Carnival poster.
LER-57-256 1953. Coronation Carnival. Programme of events
LER-57-257 1950's. Lerryn Fore Street. Postcard. Phillips Butcher shop, Ship Inn.
LER-57-258 c.1950? Lerryn Bridge and Mill prior to development into Mill Flats.
LER-57-259 1950s. Dennis Tubb, Manager of Mill with company Car. Blamey and Morcom's Mill supplying Hardware, Tools, Animal Foods,Fuel, including Petrol from two pumps. Employees: Manager, Storeman, Lorry Driver and Mate.
LER-57-260 1950s. Lerryn River. View downstream from the Bridge.
LER-57-261 View of the car park site before development, with geese. 1950's
LER-57-262 1950. Lerryn Square, viewed from the North bank before the car park and the new stepping stones.
LER-57-263 1954?. Lerryn Regatta. Man in trilby hat by flag is Sam Fuller. Avis Libby in pigtails.
LER-57-264 1960s Colwood Farm, Harvest tea. The Brown Family.
LER-57-265 Lerryn Football Team 1955/6. Isaac Foot Cup.
LER-57-266 1950. Lerryn Institute, Cup presentation. Officials of Lerryn Football Team. Back Row: Lt-Rt. Hiram Hoskin, Mr Williams (Bradoc)Norma Cooms, Front Row: Lt-Rt: Sid Harfoot, Cyril Keast, Wilfred Martin, Mrs Olver, Dickie Pearce, David Sandercock, Ernie Jolliffe
LER-57-267 1953. Lerryn Institute, Coronation.(Brian Philp 3rd from L, front)
LER-57-268 1950. Lerryn Institute. Produce Show.
LER-57-269 Late 50s. Nanpean Football Ground. Lerryn 2nd Football Team. Back Row, Lt-Rt. Terry Ashton, Terry Collett, Clifford Collings, Terry Keast, Brian Watson. Front Row: Roy Collings, David Rule, Terry Jackson, Graham Collett.
LER-57-270 1953. Lerryn Institute. Opening Ceremmony, Produce Show.
LER-57-271 1950s? The old mill (with petrol pump).
LER-57-272 1950s? The old stepping stones.
LER-57-273 1950s? Lowertown Green. The Boathouse, then a cafe.
LER-57-274 1950s? Painting. Lowertown Green. (Shed later replaced by garage and then studio)
LER-57-275 1950s? Fan Cottage from the garden (tobacco for home consumption). Privvy on the right. Until the 1990s Mrs Moth used to sell vegetables from her window on Piggy Lane.
LER-57-276 1959? Claude Hoskin's houseboat. Little Quay, Tanglewood behind tree.
LER-57-277 Regatta program, August 1955.
LER-57-278 Regatta program, August 1955.
LER-57-279 1950s. Miss May and young friends.
LER-57-280 1960s. Lerryn Tivoli Park. Arches above Pond constructed by Frank Parkyn. Land taken from woodland and levelled building created by "Job Creation " in depression 1922/3. Tregoose was originally recreation block.
LER-57-281 1960s. Tivoli Park. Pond constructed by Frank Parkyn. Land taken from woodland and levelled building created by "Job Creation " in depression 1922/3. Tregoose was originally recreation block
LER-57-282 1960s. Tivoli Park. Bathing Pool constructed by Frank Parkyn. Land taken from woodland and levelled building created by "Job Creation " in depression 1922/3. Tregoose was originally recreation block
LER-57-283 1960s. Tivoli Park. Entrance and Quay constructed by Frank Parkyn. Land taken from woodland and levelled building created by "Job Creation " in depression 1922/3. Tregoose was originally recreation block
LER-57-284 1960. Lerryn Ship Inn Interior. Bert Phillips, Barbara Phillips, Dorothy Phillips. Family ran the Inn for over 100 years until 1974.
LER-57-285 1965. St Veep Church Fete. Children's competition
LER-57-286 1965. St Veep Church Fete. Country Dancing.
LER-57-287 1965. St Veep Church Fete. Country Dancing.
LER-57-288 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1967
LER-57-289 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1969
LER-57-290 1969. Lerryn Lowertown. Gran Mutton at the door of her cottage and Sue Todd on her bike. Note Mrs Morgans election poster.
LER-57-291 1965. Todds' Quay. Lerryn Regatta. First boat up on the tide.
LER-57-292 1965. Lowertown, Lerryn. Miss Sue Todd learning to ride.
LER-57-293 1960. Lerryn River. Newly converted Granary.
LER-57-294 1965. Lowertown, Lerryn Regatta. Torchlight procession which traditionally wound through the village as darkness fell.
LER-57-295 1968. Lerryn Football field, School sports. Relay race in the field where the Collon Field houses now stand.
LER-57-296 1966. Lowertown Lerryn. Lila Mutton (Yeo) at her cottage door, looking down river. Note out-door water supply.
LER-57-297 1967. Lerryn School Netball Team. Back Row. L- R. Gina Watson, Annie Todd, Andrea Stephens, Trudi Bryant, Morwenna Stead. Front Row. Annette Philp, Rosamund Eddy, Judy Watson, Kathryn Irwin, Finella Hoskin, Susan Todd.
LER-57-298 1963. Tivoli Park, Lerryn Regatta. Herbert Hoskin sheaf pitching.
LER-57-299 1960s. St Cadix. Fred Martin, farmer, churchwarden and Parish Councillor.
LER-57-300 1960s. St Cadix. Milking time.
LER-57-301 1963. St.Veep Tower, Sunday ringing. L - R. ?. Jim Pearce, Jim Collings, ?, Fred Martin, Major Hugh Montgomery Swan, Captain Edward Taylor, Canon Miles Brown, Jonathon Brown (boy), Ernest Vincent.
LER-57-302 1963. St Veep Tower, bellringing practice. L - R. Fred Mutton, Major Hugh Mongtgomery Swan, Captain Edward Taylor, Cannon Miles Brown, Johnathan Brown.
LER-57-303 1967s. St. Veep Vicarage. Church Fete. Sir Humphrey Trevellyan (ex-Governor General of Cyprus) had family connections in St.Veep parish. he was also a friend of 'Mad Mitch' who was Colonel of the Argyll and Sutherland Highland Regiment which was about to
LER-57-304 1960s. St. Veep Vicarage, Church Fete. Dancers of the Argyll and Southerland Band. The regimental band marched freom Lerryn to St.Veep, where they played at the Fete and gave a display of Highland dancing.
LER-57-305 1960s. Tivoli Park. Regatta Sports, Pillow Fight.
LER-57-306 1960s. Lerryn River Regatta. First boat up the river.
LER-57-307 1960s. Lowertown Bridge. Snow Scene.
LER-57-308 1960s. Lowertown. The Boathouse in snow.
LER-57-309 1960s. Lerryn, Lowertown. View from N bank. The Houseboat " Dainty" on the right. cf.358.
LER-57-310 1960s. Lerryn River N. bank. Houseboat "Dainty" and the shed that belonged to Sam Fuller which looks about to fall down but which survived more than 30 years. [cf.358]
LER-57-311 1960s. View from N. bank. Lowertown bridge and cottages,
LER-57-312 1960s. Tivoli Park, looking toward the swimming pool in the snow.
LER-57-313 1960s. Wood Cottage garden in the snow and view to the N bank.
LER-57-314 1960s. Tivoli Park. Public footpath through the park.
LER-57-315 1960. View of Wood Cottage from the front garden
LER-57-316 1960s. View of Wood Cottage from Tivoli Park.
LER-57-317 1960s. Lerryn River, N. bank from Tivoli Steps.
LER-57-318 1960s. Lime kiln and pump in Mill Lane. Now in the care of the District Council.
LER-57-319 1960s. View along the lane leading to "Yonder Cott" and Brandy Lane.
LER-57-320 1960s. Mill Lane. View of the oak tree (no longer there), planted in the 1780s.
LER-57-321 1960s. School Lane. View towards the school from the square.
LER-57-322 1960s.Top Road. View through the arch from the end of the cottages before the developement on top of the lime kiln.
LER-57-323 1960s. Top Road. View through the arch towards the village square before the development on top of the lime kiln.
LER-57-324 1960s. View down Fore St to the village centre.
LER-57-325 1960s. Ethy Wood. Gypsy caravan at the entrance to Notts Mill.
LER-57-326 1960s. View of Tivoli House (now Tregoose) from Tivoli Park.
LER-57-327 1960s. Tivoli Park. View to the north bank.
LER-57-328 1960s. The Granary with Ethy Lawns behind before the evergreens were planted.
LER-57-329 1960s. Lerryn River. The Mill, cottages and the School from the north bank near the stepping stones.
LER-57-330 1960s. Lerryn. View to the village centre from the St Veep road.
LER-57-331 1960s. Lerryn. View along the lane from" Yonder Cott"
LER-57-332 1960s. Lerryn River. Lowertown in the snow from the n. bank.
LER-57-333 1960s. Tivoli Park entrance in winter.
LER-57-334 1960s. Tivoli Park entrance in summer.
LER-57-335 1960s. Lerryn River. Village in snow from n. bank
LER-57-336 1960s. The Granary newly converted to residential use.
LER-57-337 1960s. Wood Cottage, rear view.
LER-57-338 1960s. Fowey River. Elin's yacht, Llala Roukh.
LER-57-339 1960s. John Elin in his boat. View to the N bank and (extended) cottage on the site of present Little Quay.
LER-57-340 1960s. Lerryn Regatta. Ran Dan.
LER-57-341 1960s. Lerryn Regatta. Greasy pole.
LER-57-342 1960s. Lerryn Regatta. Tilting the bucket.
LER-57-343 1960s. Lerryn Regatta. Committee on Tivoli Quay.
LER-57-344 1960s. Lerryn Regatta. The Miller & the Sweep.
LER-57-345 1960s. Lerryn Regatta. First boat up on the tide.
LER-57-346 1960s. Lerryn Regatta. Mud race.
LER-57-347 1960s. Lerryn Regatta. Officials: Kaye Stuart-Brown, Hugo Stuart-Brown, Eric Baker
LER-57-348 1960s. Lerryn Regatta, Communications. Hugo Stuart-Brown.
LER-57-349 1960s. Peter Howell's painting of the Granary (cf.379). He became a successful artist, specialising in horses racing and exercising.
LER-57-350 1963. Looking upstream from Tivoli Qay, low tide.
LER-57-351 1960. Regatta decorations from Little Quay.
LER-57-352 1962. Regatta. Head of the River race.
LER-57-353 1962. Regatta. Head of River race.
LER-57-354 1961. Regatta. Rowing races, finishing line. Lime kiln on the left.
LER-57-355 1961. Tivoli Park, Regatta sports.
LER-57-356 1961. Lowertown. Regatta fair. Boathouse on L, Ricardie on R.
LER-57-357 1962. Snow in Tivoli Park.
LER-57-358 1962. Snow on Lowertown Green. Granary.
LER-57-359 1962. Lerryn Shop - Glanville's
LER-57-360 1961. Rowing practice off Tivoli Quay. Alison & Michael Fenwick.
LER-57-361 1968. Mill Lane. Mr Kellaway of Mixton House.
LER-57-362 1969. Alfred Peace Philp (b.1902, end of the Boer War) and his sisters Nora and Maggie (Holten) of Ricardie. Gwen's Mini. Where?
LER-57-363 1961. By the Red Store. Richenda & Juliet Fenwick with Mrs Bennet's Aylesbury ducks.
LER-57-364 1961. Lerryn Regatta Fair, Lowertown. Alison and Dad swinging.
LER-57-365 Cobble Cottage, lower road, Lerryn. 1962, before roof extension. Gyp (Gwen's sister) & Tessa Churchill.
LER-57-366 1960. Bridge from School Lane. Mrs Bennet's duck house. Collon orchard above Pengillan (centre). Collon Barton (top).
LER-57-367 1960. View of north bank from School Lane. Hoskins' house-boat. Ethy House, top right.
LER-57-368 1964. Mixton House, built by Frank Parkin Senior. Then the home of 'Granny' King (botanist, ex-Leeds University) and Mr Kellaway (musician).
LER-57-369 1960. The Granary at high tide. cf. 357.
LER-57-370 1962. North coast? Gwen Fenwick of Tregoose.
LER-57-371 1968. Talland. Gyp & Olga (GF's sisters). Gwen's Mini.
LER-57-372 c1960. Lowertown Green. Richard Philp and his wife, Jane, sitting outside Ricardie (on the site of the present (1981) seat).
LER-57-373 Lerryn Bridge, 1960
LER-57-374 1960. Lerryn Square viewed from the North bank
LER-57-375 1960. Wooda Farm, Harvest Time. Back Row: Ernie Hoskin, Fred Hoskin, Harry Bunney. Front Row: Herbert Hoskin, Peter Irwin.
LER-57-376 1977. Lerryn, Jubilee Celebration. Lostwithiel Silver Band in Mill Lane.
LER-57-377 1977. Jubilee Celebration. Float from Wooda Farm.
LER-57-378 1977. Jubilee Celebration. Queen's Transport.(Pearl & Phyllis Barrett, left)
LER-57-379 1977. Jubilee Celebrations Float. Andrea Stephens, Richard Hutchings, Caroline Pearce.
LER-57-380 1977. Jubilee Celebration. Parade crossing the bridge.
LER-57-381 1977. Jubilee Celebration. Parade on the Bridge
LER-57-382 1977. Jubilee Celebration. Mr and Mrs Warne Kingbath "Jubilee Road Gang".
LER-57-383 1977. Lerryn Village Centre. Jubilee Float "CCC Highways Road Gang"
LER-57-384 1977. Lerryn Bridge, Jubilee. Lostwithiel Silver Band crossing the Bridge.
LER-57-385 Lerryn School Group Photograph, 1971.
LER-57-386 1970. Hen and Chickens. Looking up river.
LER-57-387 1977.Jubilee. Lerryn Green. Over 60's Carnival Entry: Mrs. Blunt, Mrs Watson, Mrs Walters, Mrs May,May Fuller, Mrs Howard,Eva Barrett, Mrs Wilton, The Sweep, Mr Walters,
LER-57-388 1976. Mixton House, Garden Fete. Lady Rosemary Frederick(opened the Fete) Canon Miles Brown, Mrs Howard, Mrs Walters, Mrs Mundy.
LER-57-389 1977. Lerryn Bridge. Dedication of Seats. [newspaper cutting]
LER-57-390 1970s. The Granary from the S Bank. Reflections on a frosty winter morning.
LER-57-391 1977. Lerryn Green, Carnival. Les Mundy as a scarecrow.
LER-57-392 1977. Lerryn Lowertown, Jubilee. A prizewinning decorated house, Trudawen.
LER-57-393 1970? St. Veep Church. View of the Tower and Porch.
LER-57-394 1970. St. Veep Church. The Chancel and nave.
LER-57-395 1970s? View across the bridge from Couch's Mill turning.
LER-57-396 1970s. Mill Lane. The Forge as a cafe.
LER-57-397 1970s. Lerryn river. Lime kiln, Coal store still undeveloped.
LER-57-398 1970s. Tivoli Park. View to the swimming pool. Mrs. Elin with grandchild in the foreground.
LER-57-399 1970. The Old Forge, Mill Lane. Cream tea in the Garden.
LER-57-400 1970s. Lerryn River, N. Bank from Tivoli Quay with sailing boat.
LER-57-401 1970s. Lerryn. Wood Cottage from front garden.
LER-57-402 1970s. Mixton Farm. Ken Hoskin, who lived at Church Park on the extreme right of the image, places it at early 1970s, before the development of The Orchard. The stack of pipes on the grass triangle were for the sewerage system which was installed in 1970s.
LER-57-403 1970s. Mixton Farm and Collon Barton orchard, before development of The Orchard. [as 310] No.2 outlined.
LER-57-404 1970. Mr Claude Hoskin's houseboat being towed away down river
LER-57-405 1970s? William Henry Hoskin rowing to Fowey.
LER-57-406 1970. Kenwyn Pearce excavating for drainage, Fowey.
LER-57-407 1977. Jubilee Celebrations. Raft Race: Nearest Raft: Ian Hoskin, Wayne Watson, Shaun Fitton.
LER-57-408 1977. Collon Field. Jubilee. Ladies Tug-o-War: Elaine Mutton, Gina Watson, N/K
LER-57-409 1971. St Veep Church Fete. Girls' Rugby Team. L- R: Sue Todd, Ros Eddy, Gina Watson, Annie Todd, Judy Watson, Kathryn Irwin.
LER-57-410 1977. Jubilee Carnival. Lerryn W.I . Hear no Evil: Betty Tomlinson. See no Evil Lucy Boraston. Speak no Evil Jean Watson Trainer, Anne Brockett.
LER-57-411 1978. Lerryn Square. Carnival Pram Entry : Baby: Martin Boraston. Nursemaid: Wayne Watson.
LER-57-412 1977. Village Green, Jubilee Carnival. Gina Watson. Little Bo Peep.
LER-57-413 1977. Lowertown. Silver Jubilee Carnival. Jubilee Queen, Rosamund Eddy. Attendants, Judy Watson and Ginny Pellow.
LER-57-414 1977. Collon Field. Jubille Celebrations. Ladies' Backward Race. Winner: Judy Watson.
LER-57-415 1977. Lerryn Green, Jubilee Carnival. Brian Wayne Watson: Jubilee King
LER-57-416 1977. Collon Field, Jubilee Tea Tent. Jubilee Queen and Attendants.
LER-57-417 1977. Village Green, Carnival. Gillian Boraston. I am a proper little Lady
LER-57-418 1970s. Ethy Hill. Gina Watson with Gypsy.
LER-57-419 1970s. Ethy Lawns. WinterScene. Ribby Wood in distance.
LER-57-420 1970s. Ethy Lawns. Winter scene .
LER-57-421 1970s. On Ethy Hill. Winter Snow. Judy Watson with Gypsy.
LER-57-422 1977. Jubilee. Herbert Hoskin, Helena Hoskin, Rita Vincent.
LER-57-423 1977. Jubilee. Ladies' Tug of War.
LER-57-424 1977. Jubilee Canival.
LER-57-425 1977. Lerryn, Jubilee. Tug of War.
LER-57-426 1977. Collon Field. Jubilee. Queen and attendants: L - R Judy Watson, Ros Eddy, Ginny Pellow
LER-57-427 1977. Jubilee Carnival Procession, Lowertown Lerryn. Caroline Pearce, Dawn Brown.
LER-57-428 1977 Jubilee. Carnival Procession at Lowertown. (Cyril Keast, right)
LER-57-429 1977 Jubilee. Sports Three Legged - Nina Hawken, Shaun Fitton
LER-57-430 1977. Jubilee. Carnival Queens in their carriage. Judy Watson, Rosamond Eddy, Ginny Pellow.
LER-57-431 1977 Jubilee Sports. Three Legged - Dean Hawken, Frances McDairmid.
LER-57-432 1977. Jubilee. Sports at Collon Field.
LER-57-433 1977. Jubilee carnival. George Mansell starting a race.
LER-57-434 1977 Jubilee Celebrations. Prizewinning decorated house at 31 Lerryn View.
LER-57-435 1989. Lerryn River. Seagull Race
LER-57-436 1989. Lerryn River. Seagull Race.
LER-57-437 1986. St. Veep Festival. Tea in the Marquee.
LER-57-438 1986. St. Veep Festival. Marquee in Churchtown Meadow
LER-57-439 1986. St. Veep Festival. Marquee in Churchtown Meadow.
LER-57-440 1986. St. Veep Church Festival. Presentation to Lady Trevelyan by Canon Miles Brown, on the occasion of the Anniversary of the Dedication of the Church of St. Veep to St. Ciricus and St. Julitta.
LER-57-441 1986. St. Veep Church Festival. Decorated Font.
LER-57-442 1986. St. Veep Festival. Names?
LER-57-443 1983. Arthur Roose's birthday, outside his cottage (Rosemary Cottage). He died 1986.
LER-57-444 1984. Lerryn River. Arthur Roose with his boat.
LER-57-445 1986. Complete refurbishment of Lerryn Bridge. Original Tudor carraigeway exposed.
LER-57-446 1988. Lerryn Memorial Hall, Afternoon Tea. 1st Picture: Rachael Wilton,Mrs Watson, Mrs Jolliffe, Monica Irwin. 2nd Picture: Thora Mansell, Maggie Martin, Emma? 3rd Picture: Florrie Bailey, Agnes Roberts, Dorothy Bennett, Jayne Mutton, Frank Bennett. The 'Over 60
LER-57-447 1986. St. Veep, Prior's Meadow. Lerryn school children having tea in the Marquee at the festival for the rededication of the Church.
LER-57-448 1986. St. Veep Festival. Rededication of the church.. In the Marquee: Lt- Rt. Jim Carter, Kieth Langmaid, Trevor and Christopher Langmaid.
LER-57-449 1986. St. Veep FestivaL. Rededication. L-R: Lorna Foot, Hilary Carter, Rita Vincent, Jim Carter, Carol Langmaid, Linda Rounsevell, David Gaved, Andrew Foot, Ernest and Gwen Perry. (Festival Committee)
LER-57-450 1980's. Lerryn. Tug-o-War match.
LER-57-451 1980's. Lerryn Tug-o-War Team.
LER-57-452 1980s. St. Veep Farm, hay harvest. Tea Break, with hay lift in the back ground.
LER-57-453 1980s. Wooda Farm. Silage harvesting.
LER-57-454 1989. St. Veep Church. Wedding Ringers. L - R: Ian Rounsevel, Jim Carter, Phillip Blake, Herbert Hoskin, Kenwyn Pearce, Keith Langmaid, Front: Oliver Rounsevel.
LER-57-455 1989. St Veep Tower, wedding bells. Rear view of Phillip Blake, with view through to the East window.
LER-57-456 1989. St Veep Church interior. The Chancel.
LER-57-457 1989. St. Veep Church. Wedding floral decorations done by Caroline Hutchings.
LER-57-458 1981.Tregoose (originally Tivoli) before enlargement. View toward village (Wood Cottage).
LER-57-459 1985. Creek Cottage, Mill Lane. Mr and Mrs Bennett, Lerryn residents.
LER-57-460 1980. Lerryn Butchers Shop before it was demolished in the 1990s
LER-57-461 1980s. Facade of Ship Inn before it was plastered.
LER-57-462 1980s Lerryn Bridge. The last time the cows from Mixton Farm were seen in the village. No longer any farm in the village.
LER-57-463 1981? Miller and Sweep. Sweep = Dennis Martin? Miller = Kenwyn Pearce
LER-57-464 1986. First Min-Bus. Lerryn School Children's first journey in the Bus.
LER-57-465 1990. Lerryn River. Seagull Race.
LER-57-466 1990s. Lerryn River. Seagull Race.
LER-57-467 1992. Collon Field, planting the Commemorative Tree. L-R: Kyle Lewis, Stacey Clarke, Sven Todd, Pat Clarke, Adam Coates. Caradon Councillor Emile de St. Paer Gotch
LER-57-468 1995. Lerryn Top Road. View downstream from the Arch.
LER-57-469 1995. Lerryn Top Road. The Arch, coming from Lowertown.
LER-57-470 1995. Lerryn Top Road. View from Lowertown looking through the Arch.
LER-57-471 1995. Lerryn Piggy Lane. View from Fan Cottage.
LER-57-472 1990s. Lowertown, Lerryn. Old outhouses before change of use to a garage (and then a studio).
LER-57-473 Lerryn School Reunion, 1998
LER-57-474 1990s. Lerryn Memorial Hall, Art and Craft Exhibition. Sue Gillies demonstrating spinning.
LER-57-475 1998. Sports Field. School Sports Day. Bean bag race.
LER-57-476 1993. Sports Field . School Sports. Relay Race.
LER-57-477 1993. Sports Field. School Sports. High Jump - Sven Todd.
LER-57-478 1995? Middle Penpoll. Cider Making. Tidying the edges. Keith Langmaid, David Vipond, Derek Knott, Brian Philp, Richard Philp.
LER-57-479 1995? Middle Penpoll. Cider Making.Another layer of chopped apples.
LER-57-480 1995? Middle Penpoll, Cider Making. Ready for the press. Keith Langmaid, Brian Philp.
LER-57-481 1995? Middle Penpoll. Cider Making. Applying pressure. Derek Knott & Brian Philp.
LER-57-482 1995? Middle Penpoll. Cider tasting.
LER-57-483 1992. Ken Hoskin's Workshop. The replacement gate, built by Ken for St. Veep Churcyard.
LER-57-484 1993. St. Veep Churcyard, Harvest Festival. New gate decorated for the celebration with Ken in attendance.
LER-57-485 1990s. Keith Langmaid with his prize-winning carcass.
LER-57-486 1990s. St. Austell Market. Keith Langmaid with his prize-winning cattle.
LER-57-487 1998. Ethy House. Sale Brochure.
LER-57-488 1996. Penpol. St.Veep Boundary walk. Boarding the boat (Lerryn Lass) to return to Lerryn.
LER-57-489 1996. Penpol Creek. St Veep Boundary Walk. Setting sail with Robin Guest, from Penpol.
LER-57-490 Dec.31/99. Lowertown. Millennium Torchlight Procession assembling at at Lowertown
LER-57-491 Dec 31/99. Lowertown. Millennium Torchlight Proccession assembling before setting off to meet with other groups. Esthermary Todd.
LER-57-492 Dec 31/99. Millennium Torchlight Procession assembly point at Lowertown. Michael Farey, Esthermary.
LER-57-493 Dec 31/99. Lerryn Bridge. Torchlight Procession crossing the bridge on the way through the village
LER-57-494 Dec 31/99, Millennium, Torchlight procession. Mill Corner.
LER-57-495 1999. The Boathouse garden. Eclipse of sun, August 11. Watching the reflection of the progress of the moon.
LER-57-496 1994. Wood Cottage. For sale by auction after Mrs Elin left.
LER-57-497 1992. Creek Cottage, Mill Lane. Mr and Mrs Bennett at their garden gate, where we remember them greeting all and sundry.
LER-57-498 08/05/1995, Lerryn Square. VE + 50 yrs. Celebration tea.
LER-57-499 08/05/1995, Lerryn Lower Town. VE + 50yrs. Celebration tea.
LER-57-500 08/05/1995, Lerryn Lower Town. VE + 50yrs. Celebration tea.
LER-57-501 08/05/1995. Lerryn Post Office. Patient Pony.
LER-57-502 08/05/1995. Lerryn Square
LER-57-503 2008. Esthermary Todd, by Alastair, at their new home, after 35 years at The Boathouse, Lerryn.
LER-57-505 2003. May Day. North River Bank. Erection of Lerryn Maypole. See 397a.
LER-57-506 2000. St. Cleer. CHCT Outing.
LER-57-507 2000. Middle Penpoll. L-R Jennifer Langmaid and Sue Pearce stitching the Millennium kneeler
LER-57-508 2000. St Veep Church. Trevor Langmaid admiring the Millenium kneeler in place at the altar rail
LER-57-509 1.1.2000. St Veep Church. Ringers in the tower. L-R Ian Rouncevell, Keith Lang maid, David Vipond
LER-57-510 2000. Boconnoc, Benefice Fete. Cake made by Carol Langmaid to be raffled.
LER-57-511 2000. Bocconoc Benefice Fete. Cake made by Carol Langmaid to be raffled.
LER-57-512 1. 7.2000. St, Veep Churchyard. Planting the Millennium yew tree. L-R: Elizabeth St. John, Helena and Herbert Hoskin, Kieth Langmaid, Brian Philp,Kenwyn Pearce, Jean Watson.
LER-57-513 1. 7 .2000. St. Veep Churcyard. Planting the Millennium yew Tree. Helena and Herbert Hoskin, Kieth Langmaid, Brian Philp, Kenwyn Pearce, Jean Watson, Pat Bucknell, Susie Swayne.
LER-57-514 2001. The Nook? House-warming. Ros Hawken, Herbert Hoskin, Fiona Collett
LER-57-515 Alastair Todd, 2010.
LER-57-516 2002. Lerryn Green. Golden Jubilee. David St. John, Ronald Ellliott. Background, Rob Briggs.
LER-57-517 2003. Lerryn Green. Assembling to start the Church Walk. Rosemary Weatherhogg, Paul Weatherhogg, Rev. Fred Stevens. Adam Coates.
LER-57-518 2003. Blue Stone lane. Church Walk. Sue Miller and friend.
LER-57-519 2003. Penpol. Church Walk. Boarding the boats for the return journey to Lerryn, having walked eight miles around the lanes, near the Parish boundary. Penpol Creek and Lerryn river form the rest of the boundary.
LER-57-520 2003. Lerryn/Penpol. Church Walk. On the way home in Lark Rise.
LER-57-521 2002. St. Veep, Palm Sunday. Children assembling with the Donkey for the procession.
LER-57-522 2002. St. Veep Church, Palm Sunday. The procession entering the Church.
LER-57-523 2001. Lerryn Memorial Hall. Clock installation in memory of the Millennium, paid for by a Toll on the Bridge.
LER-57-524 2001. Village Hall. The Millennium Clock in working order.
LER-57-525 2003. Tawell Farm. Frolic on the Farm Event to raise money for the church roof. L - R Keith Langmaid, Brian Philp, Richard Philp
LER-57-526 2003. Tawell Farm. Raise the Roof Frolic on the Farm Event to raise money to repair the church roof L-R Peter Bucknell, Penny Philp, Brian Philp, Derek Knott, Pat Bucknell, Margaret Knott, ?
LER-57-527 2003.Tawell Farm. Raise the Roof Frolic on the Farm Event to raise funds for the repair of the church roof. L-R Rita Worswick, ??, Keith Langmaid, Trevor Langmaid, Corol Langmaid, Chris Hoole, Rachael Hoole
LER-57-528 2003. Lerryn, Fan Cottage. Tramps Party Event to raise money for The St Veep Church "Raise the Roof Appeal". Alastair Todd.
LER-57-529 2003. Lerryn, Fan Cottage. Tramps Lunch. Event organised to celebrate St Veep Church "Raise the Roof Appeal". Lyn Briggs.
LER-57-530 2003. Lerryn, Fan Cottage. Tramps Lunch. Event organised for St Veep Church "Raise the Roof Appeal". Paul King.
LER-57-531 2003. Lerryn, Fan Cottage.Tramps Lunch Event organised for St Veep Church "Raise the Roof Appeal" Rosemary and David Saunders-Davis.
LER-57-532 2000. Lerryn River, Seagull Race. Waiting for the start signal.
LER-57-533 2000. Lowertown. Seagull race. Boats waiting.
LER-57-534 2000. Lerryn River, Seagull Race. Here comes the "Red Cross" (Alan Worswick and Brian Dowell)
LER-57-535 2000. Lerryn River, Seagull Race. Here comes Herbert Hoskin
LER-57-536 2000. Lerryn River Seagull race. Mystery crew!
LER-57-537 2000. Lerryn River. Seagull race. Floating helicopter "river ambulance?"
LER-57-538 2000. Lerryn River. Seagull race. Paul King and his floating operating theatre.
LER-57-539 2000. Lerryn river. Seagull race. Start of the second leg.
LER-57-540 2004. Mixton Farm, Barn and Reading Room. Also includes part of Mixton House(left) and part of Pengillan(right). Compare with image 0310 (1970s) .
LER-57-541 2005. Lower Upcott, Hatherleigh. Woodland harvest. This shows timber being harvested from a six acre coppiced woodland in Devon and is included in this archive because it illustrates the method used to work the woodlands around the Lerryn Valley. No part of t
LER-57-542 2000. Ethy Woods. Roman Find. Jonathon Clemes (L) with a find of about 800 Roman Dinari buried in a vessel made of local pottery.
LER-57-543 2005. Jennifer Pearce feeding birds.
LER-57-544 2006. The Maypole from the bridge.
LER-57-545 Lowertown from scaffolding on the Red Store, 2006. The Boat House, the Bridge, Wood Cottage, Tregoose.
LER-57-546 2006. Couch's Mill turning. Signpost restored, retaining spelling, after a collision.
LER-57-547 2008. Ethy House from School Lane. Footpath to the nearby village.
LER-57-548 2002. Lower Road. Golden Jubilee. Laden tables.
LER-57-549 2002. Lower Road. Golden Jubilee. Painted faces. Rebecca Bidwell.
LER-57-550 2002. Lower Road. Golden Jubilee. Painted faces.
LER-57-551 2002. Golden Jubilee. Tug-of-War. From left: Lesley Bonsey, Ros Hawken..Rob Briggs..Colin Brown. Behind, centre, Johnny Pusey.
LER-57-552 2002. Golden Jubilee. Tug-of-War 2. Johnny, Treeve & Tracy
LER-57-553 2002. Lerryn Green. Golden Jubilee. Tug-of-War 3. ...Ronald Elliott...
LER-57-554 2002. Jubilee celebration, torchlight procession. Margaret Knott, Rob Briggs, Jim Kelly.
LER-57-555 2002. Jubilee celebration, torchlight procession. Viv Turner.
LER-57-556 2002. Jubillee, torchlight procession. Rachel & Chris Hoole (centre back). Drs Pattie & Iestin Bowen, right.
LER-57-557 2002. Jubilee, torchlight procession. Jim Kelly, left; Ross Harmon in front. Kyle & Rory Lewis in white.
LER-57-558 2000. St Veep Church, The Millenium Peal. L>R: Ian Rounsevell, Brian Philp, ???, Daniel ???, Herbert Hoskin, David Vipond, Fred Stevens, Keith Langmaid, Peter Bucknell, Kenwyn Pearce.
LER-57-559 2000, Lanlivery Church. Celebrating 47 Years as Ringers. Left to Right: Kenwyn Pearce, Herbert Hoskin, Keith Langmaid.
LER-57-560 2001. Lerryn School, Last Day of Term. Retirement of Avis Pearce, Cook at School
LER-57-561 2000. Lerryn People. Group photograph from above the lime kiln.
LER-57-562 2006. The erection of the Lerryn Maypole and guarding it against theft by neighbouring parishes in the night(s) was banned because of damage and disturbance.
LER-57-563 St Veep Church, 2003.
LER-57-564 2003. St Veep Church. Rainwater damage to ceiling.
LER-57-565 2003. Parishioners reminded of the parable of the talents, given £10 and asked to return it with profits in 6 months.
LER-57-566 2003. Ros Hawken, Peter Bucknell, Carol Langmaid at a soups & sweets fund-raising event.
LER-57-567 May 2003. St Veep Parish Boundary Walk, in aid of the church roof repairs. L-R: Pat Bucknell, Carol Baker, Peter Bucknell, Nigel Vincent & Briony, David St John, Michael Fenwick, Charlotte Richards, Arran Vincent, Josh Richards, Adam Coates, Anne Fenwick, Ro
LER-57-568 2008. Lowertown from N. bank.. Wood Cottage transformed. (Tregoose behind)
LER-57-569 2008. Lowertown from N. bank. The Boathouse, Fan Cottage (transformed) and Miss May's Cottage.
LER-57-570 2006. Red Store Restoration. Ken Hoskin, Barry Campbell-Taylor, Alasair Todd.
LER-57-571 2006. Red Store Restoration. John Philp climbing.
LER-57-572 2006. Red Store Restoration. Brian Sheriff & Esthermary Todd. Barry Campbell-Taylor.
LER-57-573 2006. Red Store Restoration. Scaffolding.
LER-57-574 2009. Remains of the cascade and pond, Tivoli Park. cf. 0100 (1920s), 0195 (1950s).
LER-57-575 2009. Remains of the bandstand, Tivoli Park. Swimming pool in background. cf. 0180, 0275 (1950s).
LER-57-576 2009. Remains of the octagonal pool. cf. 0180 (1950s), 0007c (1960s), 0196 (1970s).
LER-57-577 2009. Remains of the original plumbing for the octagonal pool, Tivoli Park.
LER-57-578 Art & Craft Exhibition in the Red Store, May 2009.
LER-57-579 May 2009. Art & Craft exhibition in the Red Store.
LER-57-580 May 2009. Art & Craft Exhibiition in the Red Store with the first slide show of pictures from the Village Archive.
LER-57-581 North bank from Tivoli Quay, Little Quay replacing Woodview Cottage, cf. 1018c, 1900s.
LER-57-582 1999. Lerryn & St Veep Memorial Hall (1960s).
LER-57-583 1999. Lerryn & St Veep Memorial Hall (1960s).
LER-57-584 Sept 1999. Francis Allfrey, Jim Kelly, Fiona Collett, John Alton (of Midas Construction)
LER-57-585 Sept. 1999. Memorial Hall debris.
LER-57-586 June 2000, Cornish Guardian. Francis Allfrey, Lady Mary Holborow, Paul Weatherhogg
LER-57-587 June 2000. Cornish Guardian.
LER-57-588 June 2000. New Lerryn Memorial Hall.
LER-57-589 Cornish Guardian Notices. Malcolm & Sue Smith (Shop). Charlotte Richards (Harriers).
LER-57-590 Aug 2000, Cornish Times. Rachel Mitchell/ Lauren, Alex Vincent/Briony,Aaron, Ros Hawken/Tom Adams,Marie Norman, Jo Sandy/Jake,Josh
LER-57-591 Aug 2000, Cornish Times. New computer in the Hall.
LER-57-592 Aug 2000. Lerryn Arts & Crafts Exhibition. Stained glass by Stuart Hines, furniture by Richard Parrot
LER-57-593 Aug 2000. Lerryn Arts & Crafts Exhibition. Pots by Michael Fenwick, resin statue by Cliff Allen.
LER-57-594 Aug 2000. Lerryn Arts & Crafts Exhibition. Sue Gillies demonstrating spinning.
LER-57-595 2010. Reservoir above Wooda Pill (c.1920)
LER-57-596 2010. Holding tank above the octagonal pool, Tivoli Park, approx 10x10ftx? Inlet pipe. (c.1920).
LER-57-597 2010. Upper holding tank, outlet pipe. (c.1920)
LER-57-598 2010. Connecting pipe between holding tanks, Tivoli Park (c.1920).
LER-57-599 2010. Connecting pipe between the two holding tanks, Tivoli Park (c.1920).
LER-57-600 2010. Holding tank above the pond and fountain, eastern end Tivoli Park (c.1920).
LER-57-601 2010. Lower water tank, Tivoli Park.
LER-57-602 2010. Lower tank, outlet pipe, possibly connecting to pavilion/Tivoli House during regattas?
LER-57-603 The Red Store Project, 2004. Esthermary Todd, Barry & Judith Campbell-Taylor, Eric Baker, George Mansell, Ken Hoskin.
LER-57-604 The Red Store, 2004
LER-57-605 The Red Store, 2004
LER-57-606 The Red Store, 2004
LER-57-607 The Red Store, 2006
LER-57-608 The Red Store, 2010
LER-57-609 Cornish Guardian October 27, 2005. Refurbished garden in Lerryn View estate. Shane Uldridge, Wendy Lewis and Monica Irwin
LER-57-610 River Lerryn Yacht Squadron members. Derek Knott, Bill Needs, David Hamilton, Richard Parrott. Cornish Guardian, 20.04.2000.
LER-57-611 Sue and Malcom Smith at the Shop (since Summer of 2000). Cornish Guardian 20.04.2000
LER-57-612 Ken and Margaret Hoskin at home, Sept. 2010. (Red Store, The Boathouse, Tregoose, Wood Cottage)
LER-57-613 Eric Baker in his garden. Nov 2009.
LER-57-614 Site of boathouse on West side of Notts Mill Creek - see 5037, 1893 photo.
LER-57-615 Remains of 19th C. landing, Notts Mill creek, West side.
LER-57-616 Site of Ethy boathouse, Notts Mill creek
LER-57-617 Remains of Ethy boathouse, Notts Mill creek
LER-57-619 Ethy Rock. The quay and dock at mid-tide, looking upstream.
LER-57-622 Lerryn Quay House, formerly Lower Store, looking downstream.
LER-57-623 Opening the LHS website
LER-57-624 Launch of the new LHS website.
LER-57-625 Lerryn Village Shop in the 1890s
LER-57-626 The Giant's Hedge, 2015
LER-57-627 Couch's Mill
LER-57-628 Couch's Mill
LER-57-629 Couch's Mill
LER-57-630 Couch's Mill
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