Group Data Record

Reference LER-79
Title Maps of local interest
Dates of coverage
Storage location Memorial Hall
Contributor Todd, Esthermary
Description These are maps copied from official sources for personal study. They have been variously enlarged, annotated, overlaid and highlighted to show particular features such as parish boundaries, footpaths, properties, field names, landowners and tenants.
Recorder Larbey, David
Language English
Date of Recording 02 July 2016
Individual records in this group:
LER-79-1 Map, St Veep, The Field Higher Penpoll, 1839
LER-79-2 Map, Manely, 1839
LER-79-3 Map, Tithe map, Lerryn, c1840
LER-79-4 Map, Lerryn, Ordnance Survey, first edition, c.1880
LER-79-5 Map, Lerryn, Ordnance Survey, second edition, c.1906
LER-79-6 Map, St Veep parish (part)
LER-79-7 Map, Giant's Hedge, Lerryn to Looe
LER-79-8 Map, St Veep, civil parish, Ordanance Survey, 1980
LER-79-9 Map, St Veep parish (part)
LER-79-10 Map, St Veep parish, Lerryn
LER-79-11 Map, Lerryn village
LER-79-12 Sketch map of St Veep Parish
LER-79-13 Sketch map of Ethy, St Winnow
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