Group Data Record

Reference LER-84
Title St Veep Church and Glebe
Dates of coverage
Storage location Memorial Hall
Contributor Todd, Esthermary
Description St Veep Glebe Terrier 1727, Rural Dean Reports- 1825, St Veep Church a brief guide, The Church of St Veep Time Line, The Maiden Bells of St Veep, The Bells of St Veep, St Veep Hymns
Size/type A4 text and Booklets
Place St Veep
Access Open
Recorder Mead Brenda
Language English
Date of Recording 22 March 2018
Individual records in this group:
LER-84-1 St Veep Glebe Terrier 1727
LER-84-2 St Veep A Brief Guide
LER-84-3 The Parish Church of St Veep, The Maiden Bells of S. Veep
LER-84-4 The Bells of St Veep Church
LER-84-5 St Veep Hymns
LER-84-6 The Church of St Veep, St Ciricus and Julitta
LER-84-7 Rural Dean Report
LER-84-8 The Cornish Church Guide St Winnow with Boconnec, Braddock
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