Group records

LER-1Lerryn History Society Oral History Project A collection of interviews with individual Lerryn residents who reminisce about their childhood and working life.
LER-2The Mansell/P Barrett Collection Contents listed but items not yet catalogued.
LER-3St Veep Church Roof Appeal Contents listed but items not yet catalogued.
LER-4Red Store restoration Awaiting indexing.
LER-5Realignment of Footpath 12 at Brockles Quay and other public access issues A collection of papers concerning a dispute over the realignment of Footpath No 12 at Brockles Quay. Also... MORE
LER-6History of Myrtle Cottage This is a piece of research compiled by Jim Kelly who bought the property in 1993.
LER-7Origins of the village school A short document describing how in 1843 the Rev James Buller Kitson, incumbent at St Veep and Pelynt set about... MORE
LER-8Rebuilding Lerryn Memorial Hall A short account of project planning and fund raising for the complete rebuild of the Lerryn Memorial Hall which was... MORE
LER-9River Lerryn Yacht Squadron Tenth Seagull Race 1997 The 'Seagull Race' is a boat race on the River Lerryn, so named after the only type of engine allowed. This is an... MORE
LER-10History of the Red Store A short history of the Red Store built on the River Lerryn in the mid nineteenth century for commercial use up to and... MORE
LER-11Red Store opinion survey form Copy of the opinion survey form designed in 2002 for the first stage of public consultation on the purchase and... MORE
LER-12History of Lerryn Regatta A brief history of Lerryn Regatta, a yearly event from 1870 to the first World War; revived in 1919 to just before the... MORE
LER-13Sixteenth century smelting in Lerryn A scholarly study of Burchard Cranach including his metal smelting activities in Lerryn; and three photographs of a... MORE
LER-14Coronation Celebration Programme 1953 Printed Programme for the 'Lerryn and St Veep Celebration of the Coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II June 2nd,... MORE
LER-15Approval for Tree Felling, Ethy Tree felling under the 'Forest Design Plan ref PE17 ETHY' has been approved by the Forestry Commission in accordance... MORE
LER-16Lerryn landingimprovement 1998 Report of work done by The Fowey Harbour Commissioners to improve the Lerryn landing access facilities in 1998.
LER-17Sale of Rashleigh properties in St Veep In 1911 several properties in St Veep owned by the Rashleigh family were put up for auction. Not all were sold at that... MORE
LER-18St Veep parish accounts 1873-1874 The Reverend E H Glencross, vicar of St Veep, in account with the parishioners and subscribers, presents his accounts... MORE
LER-19A History of St Veep Church and Parish including Lerryn
LER-20A History of St Veep Sixth impression 2003
LER-21Gwyn Barrett's (1990) thoughts of (early 20th C.) Lerryn A short piece recording some of Gwyn Barrett's early memories of village life.
LER-22Mrs R.A.Barrett's cash records, Lerryn Stores, 1964-81
LER-23Margaret Hoskin Collection A miscellaneous group of items comprising: 1.A school project report on Lerryn Village and Collon Farm by Fenella... MORE
LER-24Invoice for repairs to Yonder Cott Original invoice issued by C Hoskin & Son, Carpenters and Decorators of Lerryn, to Mr M Boreston [Mike Boraston],... MORE
LER-25Guide to the Olympic Games and London, 1948 Pages from The Daily Telegraph
LER-26Poems by Bill Mansell, Flossie Wilton(?)
LER-27Account of army posting to West Africa. G H Mansell
LER-28Ownership of Pengillan (Avondale, Mixton Farm House) Pengillan, formerly Avondale, formerly Mixton Farm House, was originally part of the Ethy estate. This piece of... MORE
LER-29Old Cornwall - Life in Cornwall A Century Ago
LER-30Curious Cornwall. B. Trevail
LER-31Saint Winnow, Saint and Churches
LER-32Boconnoc - A Brief History A short history of Boconnoc presented as a timeline with further descriptions of the Church, the Civil War, and the... MORE
LER-33Millennium in Lerryn Two posters advertising a 'Torch Light Procession'
LER-34Couch's Mill Chapel - The Chapel of Beginnings An account of the history of the Methodist Chapel in Couch's Mill, some anecdotes and notes on some of the families,... MORE
LER-35Recollections of Lerryn in the Twentieth Century Gwyn Barrett was born in Lerryn in 1907 and moved to Tywardreath in 1986. His recollections of Lerryn were compiled in... MORE
LER-36Mrs R.A.Barrett's cash records, Lerryn Stores, 1964-81
LER-37Millennium Pantomime A poster and a programme for the Lerryn Millennium Pantomime 15, 16 December 2000. Entitled 'Olive Green and the Seven... MORE
LER-38Golden Jubilee Celebrations Programme with paper serviette from the event inserted.
LER-39Drawings of Lowertown, Lerryn Photocopies of a pair of drawings of Lowertown, Lerryn, one looking upstream and one downstream. The upstream drawing... MORE
LER-40St Veep Tithe Apportionment 1839
LER-41St Veep Tithe Map 1842
LER-42St Winnow Tithe Apportionment 1839
LER-43St Veep Church restoration progress, 2000-05
LER-44History of Cornwall in 100 Objects, 2011
LER-45Guide to sources & palaeography training pack
LER-46Village Hall re-building
LER-48Lerryn Celebrates Golden Jubilee 2002
LER-49Lerryn Film Club Opening
LER-50History of Boconnoc. Talk by Andrew Foot, May 2011
LER-51Lerryn Players' Recession Review, December 2009
LER-52Lerryn Players' Recession Review, Saturday Night Finale, December 2009
LER-53Lerryn Players' Review 'King Arthur'
LER-54Census Records for St Veep - Lerryn History Society Transcripts Lerryn History Society Project. The project is ongoing and individual records will accrue as they become available.
LER-55Lerryn village photo archive, a short history of its compilation Succinct description of the successive phases in the development of the photo archive, showing how each phase... MORE
LER-56Tenancies and land agreements in St Veep The Rashleigh family of Menabilly were major landowners in St Veep. Their archive is in the the Cornwall Records... MORE
LER-57Lerryn Village Photo Archive The origins of this Group was a Millennium Exhibition of memorabilia to celebrate life in the village over the... MORE
LER-58Parkyn, Peard and Penquite Extract of a talk given by Paul Weatherhogg, Chairman, Lerryn History Society to Fowey Ladies Luncheon Club in 2013.... MORE
LER-59Lerryn Village Photo Archive on CD and Internet In 2008 the Lerryn Memorial Hall Committee were custodians of the Lerryn Photo Archive, a collection of images from... MORE
LER-60Papers of Frank and Dorothy Bennett of Creek Cottage A collection of domestic ephemera associated with Mr and Mrs Bennett's long and happy time in Creek Cottage, Lerryn.
LER-62Lerryn History Society launches website Cornish Guardian report of Lerryn History Society Open Day at which Sheryll Murray MP and Tamsin Daniel of the... MORE
LER-63Mr William Row. Surgeon of Lerryn, 1887 Correspondence from David Row to Bernie Gibbons concerning his great grandfather Mr William Row, surgeon of Lerryn.
LER-64Lerryn Regatta & Sports Official Programme, 1955 Printed Official Programme for the \\'Lerryn Regatta & Sports\\' Thursday 18th August 1955, price 3d. It details the... MORE
LER-65Eucharist for the Feast of St Veep, Order of Service Order of Service for the Eucharist for the Feast of St Veep held on 4 July 2010, also the occasion of the Rev\\'d... MORE
LER-66St Veep and St Winnow Diamond Jubliee St Veep and St Winnow Diamond Jubilee celebrations, in celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Programme and... MORE
LER-67Cornwall's Sporting Histories Cornwall's Sporting Histories Leaflet of Events and exhibitions 2012. Prepared by The Cornish Archives Network and... MORE
LER-68Lerryn Carnival Committee Minutes Book 1980-1981 Lerryn Carnival Committee Minutes Book for 1980 and 1981. Contains minutes of meetings held in the Village Hall on 18... MORE
LER-69Poor relief in St Veep, 1744-1867 Extracts of St Veep parish records concerning relief of the Poor.
Before the late nineteenth century people who... MORE
LER-70William Crocker A collection of documents relating to William Crocker (1830 - 1913) and his family. He was a long-serving schoolmaster... MORE
LER-71James Stephens, licensee of the Crown Inn, Lerryn James Stephens and his second wife Ann Kerswell were licencees and innkeepers of the Crown Inn Lerryn from about 1839... MORE
LER-72Newspaper extracts, St Veep, St Winnow 1787-1913 News stories from St Veep and St Winnow extracted mostly from the Royal Cornwall Gazette.
LER-73Churchwardens' accounts, St Winnow, These are extracts of holdings at the Cornwall Record Office, showing a range of churchwarden responsibilities:... MORE
LER-74Sale brochures for properties in St Veep Parish Sale brochures for residential properties and farm land in the parish of St Veep produced by various local estate... MORE
LER-75St Veep Church, fund raising for roof repairs, 2003
LER-76Collection of papers relating to local regulations and community affairs Miscellaneous scripts of local historical interest made or acquired by Esthermary Todd for her personal researches.
LER-77Record of the funeral of Kenneth Hoskin Various documents regarding the funeral of Kenneth Hoskin at St Veep Church on 23 August 2011.
LER-78Reference books Reference books of the local area and for the county of Cornwall.
LER-79Maps of local interest These are maps copied from official sources for personal study. They have been variously enlarged, annotated, overlaid... MORE
LER-80Limestone and lime burning Notes for an illustrated talk taken from the book 'Lime Kilns and Lime Burners of Cornwall' by Ken Isham.
LER-81Milestones, Bridges and Roads A folder containing detailed research of milestones, bridges and roads of Cornwall.
A book 'Cornish Milestones by... MORE
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