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Reference LER-34-1
Title Couch's Mill Chapel - The Chapel of Beginnings
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Description The Methodist Chapel at Couch's Mill, built in the first twenty years of the nineteenth century, was closed for worship following the final Easter Day Service on 8th April 2012. This document records some historical notes by an author who was baptised in the Chapel in 1985 and whose family has been associated with the Chapel since about 1936.

People named in the document: Patrick Clark; Fred Card (Minister); Gordon Greet; Mary Northcott; George Venning; William Olver; Mark Guy Pearce; Thomas Robert Boraston; Reverend Ruth Goodland.

Places named in the document; Colwood Farm; Trecangate Chapel, Bethal; Langunnet; Lerryn Memorial Hall; Connon Chapel, St Pinnock
Size/type Typescipt, A4, two pages
Place Couch's Mill
Date of coverage c1820-2012
Date of creation July 3013
Creator(s) Clark, Patrick
Recorder Larbey, David
Contributor(s) Clark, Patrick
Access Open
Storage location Memorial Hall
Language English
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01 May 2014
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